Creative Colorful Photography – Spotlight: Iancu Cristi

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There are so many bright and juicy colors out there! Inspiration is literally everywhere! Any photographer must experiment with color, particularly with bold colors. These are among the most powerful ways to create a feeling or mood in a photograph. When bolder colors are used, the photographer must be well-aware of their effects on neighboring colors or the entire image. The only thing you should do is grab your camera and take some awesome pictures of all this beauty. Iancu Cristi is a very talented photographer, his creative colorful photography brought him to our attention.

I’m a freelancer photographer based in Bucharest, mainly specializing in glamour beauty photography and portraits. Like most photographers I have always loved photos and sketching, and just art in general.








summer shoot

If you enjoyed Cristi’s artwork, you should really follow us, we showcase some really excellent photography tricks and very talented artists.

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