The World’s Best Tattoo Artists – Part1

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As you can imagine this is the first part of a series of posts about the world’s best tattoo artists.
The goal of this gallery is to give respect, recognition and more exposure to these amazing international artists who have reached the highest level of competence in their area of expertise.
Some tattoos are great pieces of art…but the examples below will blow your mind away
Enjoy :)

Iwan Yug


Moscow, Russia

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram



Dmitry Rasky


Pittsburgh, USA

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram



Przemyslaw Aero Walkowiak


Zielona Góra, Poland

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Site



Pavel Krim


From Tallin, now in Stockholm

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram




Adam Kremer


Prague, Czech Republic / Traveling

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram



Jp Wikman


Tammefors, Finland / Traveling

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Site | Instagram



Tomasz Tofi Torfinski


Rybnik, Poland

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram




Coen Mitchell Tattoo Gold


Auckland, New Zealand

Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram



Stefano Alcantara



Tattoos, contacts and photos: Fb | Instagram | Site 



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