25 Free Stock Photography Websites and Free Stock Photos

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Free Stock Photos: Stock photo sites reduce the cost of hiring a professional photographers. There are numerous free stock images available in the internet, but they are mostly water marked, blurry or very bad resolution.High quality stock images are mostly owned by 123rf and shutterstock and they charge a hefty price for downloading them. To make your job easier we have added some free stock photos or stock photography sites for your inspiration.


1. Picjumbo - Free Stock Photos

This website can be used for marketing and personal use. Almost all the stock photos are in high resolution and it's website is not complicated to use, searching and navigation is very easy. If you are looking for marketing or advertising for food products, then you must visit this website as they have an amazing collection food photos. Search Features added. http://picjumbo.com

free stock photos picjumbofree stock photos picjumbofree stock photos picjumbo free stock photos picjumbo


2. Imcreator - Free Stock Photos

This website provides amazing stock images for free with good resolution. If you are looking to build a website, they have online website building tool, which is a must try.  http://www.imcreator.com/free

free stock photos imcreatorfree stock photos imcreator


3. Unsplash - Free Stock Photos

If you are looking for new free stock images, then you should visit this website everyday as they add 10 free stock images everyday.They have a huge collection of natural beauties like serene waterfalls, sparkling rivers and amazing landscape photos. No Search Features added. http://unsplash.com

free stock photos unsplashfree stock photos unsplashfree stock photos unsplash


4. Superfamous - Free Stock Photos

Superfamous was founded by an avid photographer Folkert Gorter. He has own studio at Los Angeles where he creates amazing didgital images which are made available in hios website superfamous.com. These stock photos can be used in website designing or even as your dektop backgrounds. The free stock images are of the highest quality. No Search Features added. http://superfamous.com
free stock photos superfamous


5. Pixabay- Free Stock Photos

This is one of the websites which has the facility of searching for the stock photos. The images are highly incredible and it doesn't require any attribution. All website designers will love this webiste for its simplicty and easy search feature. http://pixabay.com

free stock photos pixabay


6. gratisography - Free Stock Photos

This website was created by the amazing web designer Ryan McGuire and it doesn't require any attributions. The stock photos have an amazing resolution and has a hugely incredible collection of images which can be used by all designers. No Search Features added. http://www.gratisography.com
free stock photos gratisography


7. MorgueFile - Free Stock Photos

This website has an amazing collection of photos covering almost all topics from antiques to wildlife. They don't boast of huge number of collections, but their image resolutions are amazing. No Search Features added.http://www.morguefile.com

free stock photos morguefilefree stock photos morguefilefree stock photos morguefile


8. Picography - Free Stock Photos

You can scroll through the websites to find amazing collections of stock photos. It's the work of few professional photographers, who made this happen.Search feature is not enabled in this site. It's the perfect stop for budiing website designers. No Search Features added. http://picography.co

free stock photos picography free stock photos picography


9. Getrefe - Free Stock Photos

This website offers a huge collection of stock images in architecture and landscape photography. It has a huge collection of travel photos and nature photos captured by professional photographers during their travels to various countries. http://getrefe.tumblr.com

free stock photos getrefefree stock photos getrefefree stock photos getrefe


10. Imagebase - Free Stock Photos

This website has an amazing collection of the most talented photographer David Niblack.The stock photos can be used for personal and commercial purposes. If you are just looking for inspiration, you can also use them as a reference for your artistic works. http://www.imagebase.net


11.Stockvault - Free Stock Photos

Stcokvault has a huge collection of free textures and almost close to 35,000 pictures. No registration is required for downloading these free stock images. You can also have free access to basic image manipulation from its collection of photoshop tutorials. Searching is easy as the wesbite is well designed. http://stockvault.net

free stock photos stockvault silvafree stock photos stockvault


12. Wikimedia Commons - Free Stock Photos

It has a huge collection of freely usable stock images, sounds and videos. You can search for photos based on any topic. http://commons.wikimedia.org
free stock photos wikimedia commons


13. Flickr: creative Commons - Free Stock Photos

It's one of the biggest photo sharing websites in the world. It has it's covered under the creative commons lincense, so searching for appropriate information for your wesbites is easier. The stock photos are avaialable in different sized and it has amazing high resolution pictures. http://www.flickr.com/creativecommons

free stock photos flickr creative commons


14. Raumrot - Free Stock Photos

It falls under creavtive common license and it's images are free to use and recreate as long as you follow the license rules. It has a limited amount of carefully hand picked photos which can be used for personal and commerical purposes. http://www.raumrot.com


15. Little Visuals - Free Stock Photos

As the name suggests you can find visual images of amazing landcape photos which has detailed shots from high raised buildings. If you like their work, you can subscribe and follow them and they will send 7 amazing photos every week. http://littlevisuals.co


16. Magdeleine - Free Stock Photos

This website allows you to search according to colors, mood and subjects. If you already have an idea about how your wesbite should look, then this a great place to start with. The stock images are pretty amazing which look as if they were hand picked for you.


17. Death To the stock Photo - Free Stock Photos

You may not find dark and sinister images, but some of the classic collections can be found here. If you are looking for commercial purposes, then this is a great place to start. You can also sign up to their newsletters and get free photos via email.


If you are a website designer, going through these free stock photography websites will give you an access to free stock photos and free stock images, which can be incorporated into your work. Stock images can be found easily found in the web, but good ones are hard to find. Hope you like our collection of free stock images websites

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