30 Creative and Incredible Photo Manipulation works done by Adobe Photoshop

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You can do amazing and fun stuff with Photo manipulation. An ordinary photo can be transformed into something totally out of the box with photo manipulations. There are many software's available for photomanipulation, but Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular software. Photo manipulation is a combination of both photography and graphic design. Photomanipulations act as a great source of inspiration, because designers can use various effects to create a stunning image. Manipulation of a photo gives a realistic view of an unreal picture, you should have an open mind when gathering ideas on how to get creative with your images. Every photoshopped work has it's own story, since it's purely reflects the creativity and imagination of a designer. While choosing a background for your photo manipulation, keep the background simple and natural. Play around with lighting, matching color tones to blend the photograph. i hope you will like these photo manipulation works.


Photo manipulation


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© Christophe gilbert

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