30 Incredible and Beautiful Sand Sculptures for your inspiration

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One of the trickiest forms of art is the sand sculpture. Sand sculpture can be done with almost all kinds of sand, but if it's bad sand, then you are heading for a trouble spot. High quality sand always makes your sand sculpture very beautiful and unique. Rule of thumb for sand is, finest sands and angular grained sands are best for creating sand sculpture. Here is a quick tip to know if the sand is good for your sand sculpture. Take a small ping pong ball size sand and make sure it's wet, roll the sand into a small ball in the palm of your hand, if the sand sticks together, then you have good quality sand. In this post we have put together 30 Incredible and Beautiful Sand Sculpturesfrom across the globe for your inspiration. Have fun exploring our website for more such inspirational posts.


Elephant Sand Sculptures by uldissand sculpturesand sculptureLaughing buddha Sand Sculptures by uldissand sculpturesand sculpturesand sculptureFace Sand Sculptures by Carlsand sculpture sand sculpturelaughing Sand Sculpturessand sculpture uldissand sculptureGoddess Sand Sculpturessand sculpture sand sculptureDavinci Sand Sculpturessand sculpturesand sculptureLord Ganesha Sand Sculpturessand sculpture sand sculptureFace Sand Sculpturessand sculpturesand sculptureEgypt Sand Sculpturessand sculpture woman sand sculpture

Sand Sculpture Tips and Tricks

1. Wet The Sand!!!  Not just wet , but really wet. The sand MUST be wet through and through if you want it to hold its shape. You can’t have too much water. It will run out and find it’s own natural saturation point. The idea here is: different sand, different saturation point, but all sand must be saturated!
2. Pack The Sand!!!  The tighter you pack the sand, the better it will hold together. Pound it, smack it, pat it down tight, hit it, strike it, batter it down, thump it, pummel it till it’s tight, clobber it, sock it, beat it with anything you have, give it a wallop… get the idea?
3. Take It From The Top And Work Inside Out!!  Always work from the top down!! Unless you enjoy doing things twice. Once you complete an area, you don’t want to go back up and re-work it thus having to re-clean the completed sections below and risk ruining lower details: same thing with details closer to the center of your creation. Don’t make an outer wall and then try to move to the middle for a walkway: it messes up your wall when you try to get sand out of the middle.
4. GO Slooooooooooow!! : Patience is more important than talent, especially when you’re learning. Remove small amounts of sand at a time. This is not clay! You may not think so, but it is very difficult and in most cases impossible to replace sand on the initial pile once it is gone. If you are trying to pack sand after you are into the sculpture, what do think happens to your completed work? And remember: It is a rare occasion if ever that a detail can be created with just one pass of a tools. Make several passes to remove more and more sand until you reach just the point you want.
5. Pile High-Pile Wide!!! : Start with a pile a bit larger than you think you will need. We don’t “build” a sand sculpture. We create a sand sculpture by removing all the parts of the pile that are not part of the creation! We must then make sure that there is ample sand for the creation to exist before we carve it in the first place! As we said above, it is difficult to add sand to our pile once we are fairly well into the piece.
6. Get a straw! : These are technically referred to as manually operated pneumatic sand blasters, it is used for a specialized form of sand blasting! We use it to blow loose sand away from sculpture details. When you direct the flow of air, it removes only the loose sand, leaving the new detail made in the packed sand right where you want it.  Saves the eyes too! Every package of Can You Dig It Sand Tools comes with a straw in case you forgot to pick one up on your way to the beach. This should be replaced now and then for obvious reasons.   Click here for a suggestion of where you may get a free straw replacement! A small purchase may be required!
7. In Closing : Well that’s it in a nutshell. We want to help any way we can, but if you want to know everything, you’ll have to buy the video. You can order it right here if you’re ready to make the score!

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