The Best Tools and Resources You Should Know About

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Lately, there seem to be more tools and resources meant to make web professional’s lives easier than ever before. Unfortunately, not all of them are as amazing as they’d lead you to believe. With this in mind, we set out to find some tools and resources that are actually worth their money. Here’s our list.


1. Stamplia

Stamplia is a marketplace that offers newsletter, transactional and responsive emails or registration form templates. With over 6000 collaborates worldwide, this has quickly become the ideal meeting place for independent designers and buyers who are looking for high quality products. As a freelancer, it can be tough to take care of the selling process of your designs. Stamplia will make this easy for you, so you’ll only have to focus on creating and sharing your projects. The Stamplia Builder will help you create stylish templates in no time. Once you’re happy with the results, your design is ready to be exported into some of the most popular email providers out there (Mailchimp, SendGrid or Campaign Monitor). Becoming a Stamplia contributor is simple. If you’re passionate about design and if you are an expert in HTML templates, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to increase your revenues with Stamplia. You’ll be the one who sets your templates’ prices and according to your sales figure, you’ll receive commissions between 50-70%.

2. Notism

Visual content is at the core of work that involves design, technology, media, advertising or architecture. When trying to create such content, a tricky part can often be receiving feedback from team members or project stakeholders in an adequate and clear manner. This is where Notism comes in, a tool for receiving and gathering live feedback and much more. Notism will stack all your ideas in one place (don’t worry, your data will be safe and backed up in multiple locations) and allow you to easily share them with others by preview or by inviting them to your account. You will then get real-time feedback notifications whenever co-workers or clients are making comments or contributions, so you can rest assured that you will always keep up with any developments. In fact, you can even present projects straight with Notism presentation mode and assign to-dos to your team straight from Notism or by using tools such as Basecamp and Asana. However, that’s not all that Notism can do – it can also turn static screens into interactive prototypes for web and mobile projects and run usability tests without you having to write a single line of code.

3. Firecheckout

The One Page Firecheckout is an AJAX based tool that will speed up the checkout process for your Magento powered store and increase your conversion rates. This fast and powerful extension will enable your registered customers to experience a faster mobile checkout process. A unique and extremely useful feature is the Magento Geolocation support. This tool will locate your users’ country, city and state thanks to its awesome technology. In addition, the delivery date option will enable your clients to choose when to have their order delivered. If you’re worried how Firecheckout will look like on tablets or mobile phones, you should know it’s completely optimized for mobile devices. This means your clients will be able to continue shopping on other devices and still enjoy an optimized design. Firecheckout is flexible and will adapt to your specific needs. You will be able to customize the checkout page with 5 fields. Firecheckout also allows you to choose between a minimalistic 3 column layout and a user friendly 2 column layout for your checkout page.

4. Pintastic - Pinboard Social network script

If you’re looking to create your very own pinboard social, then Pintastic is the perfect tool to start with. It will help you create a Pinterest clone and create your very own community of users. A Pintastic review will tell you that it comes with a bundle of features that will help you have a website that will surely stand out of the crowd. Using Pintastic, you’ll have a website with a unique and responsive design, with smart search, integrated service cart, multiple payment options, support for GIFs and videos as well as endless scrolling and social networks integration. Also, with the latest release, Pintastic 4.0, you have access to over 40 modules that extend your website’s functionality. You can use the Auction module, the Subscription module or the Marketplace Script module to monetize your website and turn it into a steady income source.

5. Argento Template

Argento is one of the most advanced Magento templates created ever. This ingenious theme is powered with more than 15 popular Magento extensions and it’s based on CSS3. Ready to take your store to the next level? Argento was designed from scratch according to the best eCommerce stores practices and developers’ guidelines. With this powerful theme you’ll get high SEO ranking, mobile optimized navigation, easy managing banners, pop-up windows and custom blocks. Argento is available in English, French, Portuguese, Deutsch and Dutch and will surely help you increase conversion rates. This theme was specially designed to work on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, so you can keep your customers happy at all times. Based only on CSS sprite techniques, this new theme is more efficient and faster. The number of https requests is reduced and the CSS and JSS files are based on clean code, which can be merged and minified by the default Magento minifier.

6. actiTIME

actiTIME is the perfect time tracking software that will help you give your company a competitive edge. Using this tool you will be able to better assess the time you spend on tasks and plan it more accurately in the future Project management with actiTIME is as simple and comprehensive as you need it to be. It allows you to track time for multiple customers, projects and tasks in a convenient weekly timesheet. The simplicity of actiTIME interfaces makes time tracking, invoicing anddata analysis simple and easy enough to maintain with minimal effort. actiTIME is a web-based application that you can use either in cloud or on premise and it comes along with a mobile app to help you always keep track of your time, add comments and create new tasks on the go . This tool is incredibly easy to use, there’s no learning curve involved. It is extremely flexible so it will seamlessly fit in to your workflow. More than 9000 companies worldwide are using actiTIME to manage their time. Start improving your business today with actiTIME.

7. actiPLANS

The process of requesting and approving time offs can be difficult and lengthy at times. actiPLANS aims to change that. This cloud-based  leave time management software will rid you of endless spreadsheets, unnecessary paperwork and human errors. actiPLANS offers you access to interactive work schedule, one-click leave requests and approvals, email notifications, automated PTO accruals and much more. The best thing about actiPLANS is that it will seamlessly adjust to your employee attendance policy allowing you to create an unlimited number of custom leave types as well as rules and settings. What’s more, by using actiPLANS you will always have a clear view of available resources and be able to root out employees who are breaking company’s leave time policy rules.

8. PowerMockup

PowerMockup is a mockup and wireframe toolkit for PowerPoint that will help you give a cool creative twist to your project. How does it work precisely? It uses PowerPoint as a prototyping tool in order to ensure that all the stakeholders for a project participate in its development process, even those who lack coding or design skills, as PowerPoint is quite easy to use and familiar to many users. Collaborating and working in a team are also available features, as documents can be shared via tools such as OneNote and SharePoint, comments can be made on slides and different versions of a document can be merged into a single file. PowerMockup is very easy to use thanks to its drag-and-drop system which can be used to drag any shape you want to use for a wireframe or mockup from the library pane to the desired location on the PowerPoint slide. PowerMockup anticipated the fact that companies will develop a preference for certain shapes, so they created the “Shared Shape Library” feature; this will allow users to create a shared library that will be stored online on the PowerMockup servers and be accessed by multiple users. This is a toolkit, which will come in handy for a great variety of projects, is compatible with PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013.

9. IconBeast

Looking for inspiration sources for your website or any other project? Then you should check out IconBeast. They offer hundreds of icons and symbols and each of them are pixel perfect and are available in PNG (3 sizes), Vector AI, Vector EPS, SVG, and PSD. Optimized for iOS app development, these icons will help you give a personal touch to you work. You are free to use them as you like. Resize and modify them after your heart’s desire and use them in your banners, prints, apps and websites. On the IconBeast site you’ll find more than 3000 iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons that are suitable for web development as well as Android app development. The IconBeast Pro collection offers over 3000 unique icons in PNG that are royalty free. As the collection grows and new items are added, you’ll be notified via email free of charge and you’ll be able to download the latest icons with just a click. Purchasing and delivering is simple and fast so you’ll be able to enjoy the IconBeast products in no time.

10. Getsy - Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

Getsy is a multi vendor script that will help you create your very own community driven marketplace in no time. Using this script you will have a website where your users will be able to set up their very own stores and start selling their products. They will also be free to interact with each other, either through instant chat or by sending messages, follow one another as well as rate buyers and sellers. Getsy comes with a bundle of built-in features that will help your store stand out from the crowd. Some of the more popular features are: built-in Service Cart, PayPal integration, pricing tags with multi-currency support, or smart product browsing. With Getsy, your website will have unlimited marketing potential due to its SEO properties, unique URLS for each product and well-rounded social network integration. Turn your ideas into a successful business with Getsy right now.

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