Top 15 Toronto Wedding Photographers and their Photography Ideas

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Toronto wedding photographers offer world class photography. They are quite experienced in taking creative candid photography and bring alive the wedding moments in an enchanting way which will be cherished for many generations. In this post we have included the Top 15 Toronto Wedding Photographers for your inspiration. Here is a list of professional Toronto wedding photographers who are highly qualified in their work.


Purple Tree - Toronto Wedding Photographer

With more than 10 years of experience in wedding photography they have a solid reputation for providing great pictures that capture the essence of those very special moments.Purple Tree is a special partnership of professional photographers.
Price Range : $3,105+
Phone No : 1-647-977-9215,1-855-415-TREE
Address : Purple Tree Wedding Photography,207 Queen Street East, Unit 201, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 1S2, Canada
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Zdenka Darula - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Zdenka Darula was born on December 30th, 1976 in Stepanov, Czech Republic. Her first passion is modeling and acting. Her 16 successful years in fashion industry gave her great knowledge and experience in fashion and glamour. Some of her memorable titles include: 2nd runner up Miss Moravskoslezsky Den 1993, 2nd runner up Miss Molson Indy Toronto 2004.Ten years ago, she discovered photography which she absolutely loves.What she love the most, is working with new models or women who have never appeared in front of the camera. She loves teaching them what she has learnt and loves to see their reaction when they see the results for the very first time.
Price Range : $1300+
Phone No : 1-905-922-2778
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Azure Blue - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Stacey Barry is very committed in providing you with wedding photography that truly represents your special day as a complete story – focusing on real emotions and relationships.The team of professional wedding photographers will photograph your wedding as it unfolds and we will capture it beautifully and naturally. Our complete coverage ensures that the most important parts of your day are not missed! We emphasize natural light and spontaneous emotions.
Price Range : $2,695
Phone No : 1.416.253.1730
Address : 4240 Bloor Street West, Toronto
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Hello Inspira - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Jenn and Kevin of hello inspira wedding photography studio is located in Toronto, Ontario. They are passionate in documenting stories and love stories happen to be our favourite! Their approach to a wedding day is unobstrusive. And they take pride in creating modern and timeless images that tell the beginning of your life story together.
Price Range : $2,600
Phone No : 1.416.824.0779
Toronto wedding photographer hello inspiratoronto wedding photographerToronto wedding photographer hello inspiratoronto wedding photographerVisit Website


Boundless - Toronto Wedding Photographer

At Boundless Weddings they understand that so much goes into a wedding day and they are there to capture each and every moment for you. Their wedding photographers love to shoot documentary style photography and will work with the couples to make the wedding day perfect!
Price Range : $2,200.00+
Phone No : 1-877-617-2811
Address : 1-70 Esna Park Drive,Markham, ON L3R 6E7
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JJ Media - Toronto Wedding Photographer

JJMedia is a photography and videography company from Toronto, Ontario. They service weddings and businesses throughout the local area, including North York, Durham, and Markham. JJMedia is a professional photography and videography company that is part of the GTA industry. They specialize in photojournalistic style, engagement sessions, videography, personalized service, digital files, photo albums, thumbdrives and training videos.
Price Range : $1,600
Phone No : 1-416-356-1528
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Kiss the Moment - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Johnny Sey is the owner of Kiss the Moment Photography. Story telling of your wedding moments through his lens is his passion. He uses a blend of documentary and directed photography.Since 2007, his team of professional photographers have served Toronto, the GTA, southern Ontario, as well as exotic commissions such as Barbados, Punta Cana, Seattle and Montreal with professionalism and expertise.
Price Range : $2,290+
Phone No : 1-647-885-2063
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Eric K Choi - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Eric's pictures speak for themselves. He has a gift for capturing the special moments of your big day and making them look like works of art. He is truly able to capture the essence of each couple/subject he shoots and tells their story in a unique and individualized way.
Price Range : $2,500
Phone No : 1.416.716.4813
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Elements - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Elements Photography is an iconic Toronto-based boutique studio that has grown to be noteworthy internationally for their distinctive and fashion forward imagery.As a perfectionist and visionary Christina Sideris has lead her team to strive to be more than just a photography studio. As the Creative Director, her goal for Elements Photography is “to highlight the individual personalities of each of our clients while creating imagery with flare and artistic vision.
Price Range : $2,650
Phone No : 1.647.966.8660
Address : 692 St Clarens Ave, Studio 7, Toronto, ON M6H 3X1
Toronto wedding photography by elementstoronto wedding photographyToronto wedding photography by elementstoronto wedding photographyVisit Website


David Morris - Toronto Wedding Photographer

With over 18 years of wedding photography experience, David and his team are ready for anything. The important thing is that you can focus on your wedding day, leaving all the details for them to capture - the laughter, the love, and all those little moments otherwise forgotten.They strive to provide you with all of the moments celebrated throughout the day - they capture as it happens. There are no limits to locations, and no limits to the photos you receive which are all in high resolution jpeg without any watermarks, because they believe you should own your images.
Price Range : $1,650
Phone No : 1.416.737.5407
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Captured Soul - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Captured Soul Photography are portrait-journalists, capturing your day or week with candid moments, beautiful portraits, and memorable details in hundreds of hand-edited final photographs. They know where to be and when to get that shot. And if you're nervous about being in front of a camera, they can help show you all the "tricks" that make you comfortable. They always attempt to capture the best, most true side of you and your partner, the details, your guests, and your celebration. And you will end up with hundreds of hand-edited photos that you will love that tell your story of your amazing day.
Price Range : $900
Phone No : 1.519.578.8222
Toronto wedding photography by captured soultoronto wedding photographyToronto wedding photography by captured soultoronto wedding photographyVisit Website


Little Blue Lemon - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Little Blue Lemon is an award winning photography studio based in Toronto. They received world-wide recognition and praise for their Star Wars Wedding Chase photo - some claiming it was the "World's Best Wedding Photo". The image was featured globally on ABC's Good Morning America, Fox News, Fox & Friends, Global Morning Show, CTV News, City News, KSEE, in publications such as MacLean's Magazine, The National Examiner, and websites such as,,, petapixel, slackpile, The Star, The Globe, The National, CBC News,,,, The Gaurdian, and countless others across the world. The photo became a viral sensation, a quirky example of how fun wedding photography can be.
Price Range : $3,000
Phone No : 1.416.250.6042Toronto wedding photography by little blue lemontoronto wedding photographyVisit Website


Up in the Clouds - Toronto Wedding Photographer

We're Marina and Vas, a couple in love who love to shoot weddings. We own and operate Up In The Clouds. A photo + cinema studio serving the GTA, Southern Ontario and anywhere else where we may be needed. Our documenting approach is natural, editorial and magazine inspired. We love capturing candid moments and gracefully capturing the wedding day as it unfolds. We love shooting weddings and we would be honoured if you chose us to capture your special day!
Price Range : $2,400
Phone No : 1.647.956.5980
Address : 1001 Roselawn Avenue, Toronto, ON M6B 4M4
Website : Visit Website


Captured Moments Media - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Captured Moments Media is proud member of the Fearless Photographers. They are a husband and wife team offering Commercial Wedding Photography in Toronto & surrounding areas. They are passionate about creating personalized photographs to capture your special moments during your wedding day. They enjoy creating beautiful pictures that boost confidence and showcase your unique personalities, taking the time to understand your vision for your anticipated day.
Price Range : $2,991
Phone No : 1.289.795.4878
Website : Visit Website


Carly Mills - Toronto Wedding Photographer

Specializing in Creative, Modern Weddings like to keep things easy, upbeat, creative and professional. Whether it’s a candid or artistically constructed shot, Carly understands capturing the essence of the moment. Carly Mills believes in telling a sweet story through the images.
Price Range :$2,000+
Phone No : 1.647.284.6784
Address : 39 Metcalfe Street, Suite 26, Toronto, ON , ON M4X 1R7Toronto wedding photography by carly millstoronto wedding photographyVisit Website


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