Top 20 Atlanta Wedding Photographers with Photography Inspiration

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Atlanta wedding photographers: Are looking for top class Atlanta wedding photography to make your day special. Check out these Atlanta Wedding Photographers, who have many years of experience in wedding photography. If you are looking for Atlanta wedding photographers, who are expertised in photojournalistic techique, we have them for you in this specially tailor made list of best Atlanta wedding photographers. We have also added a sample of their photography, so you know, what to expect. Every bride and groom are special, and marriage is a very special occasion, so if you are living in Atlanta, then you don't worry, we have scoured the internet and bring the best of Atlanta Wedding photographers who can rock your day.


Kayla Hembree - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Kayla Hembree is the proud owner of "A creative pear photography". she likes to call photography as her first love, ever since she received her first camera at the age of 16. She attended photography courses at Gwinnett Technical College and has been taking wedding photographs since 2011.
Price Range : starts at $2,450
Phone No : 404-729-8956
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atlanta wedding photographer creativepear
atlanta wedding photographyatlanta photographer
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Dorine Pederzani - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Dorine Pederzani has been a freelance wedding photographer for more than 20 years.She says in her blog,Great pictures are planned but sometimes splendid mistakes happen; they're called.golden opportunties. Great photography many times come from 'golden opportunities.' and we welcome them when they come. So whether posed or not, your images will create priceless family memories, a pictoral heirloom that will be cherish and handed down from generation to generation.
Price Range : $175 - $4500
Phone No : 321-749-9152
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atlanta wedding photography
 atlanta wedding photography atlanta photographer
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Holly Robins - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Holly is a wedding and portrait photographer with an eye for detail.When she was ten she received a 35mm camera as a birthday present from her aunt and uncle and ever since she has been hooked on to photography.Photography became passion for her when Holly received her first DSLR camera from her husband and she used to take pictures of her pretty little daughter.
Price Range : Starts from $950
Phone No : 770.656.0609
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atlanta wedding photographer hollylrobbins
atlanta wedding photographer hollylrobbins
atlanta photographer
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Chrissy Noel - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Chrissy Noel has a degree in Medical Assisting, but she left her nursing job to take up the passion of her life, that is photography. She has an eye for detail and her photos and portraits are of exceptional quality.She believes,"Never give up on your dream, follow your heart and take a leap of faith. You may surprise yourself".
Price Range : -
Phone No : (678) 906 - 3999
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atlanta wedding photographer chrissynoel
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Vanessa Coleman - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Vanessa's interest in photography practically started at a very young age. Born and raised in Florida she loves the sun! She loves to take photos outside and capture those highlights around people that only the sun can provide. She believes if you are doing what you love you will never work a day in your life.
Price Range : $150 per hour coverage
Phone No : 7705475363
Address : Roswell, GA 30062, United States
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atlanta wedding photographer vanessacoleman
 atlanta wedding photography
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Kevin Voth - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Kevin has been taking pictures ever since he was very young. He gets the love of photography from his dad as he used to take pictures all the time during their many travels together. He has been on every continent so far, except ofcourse Antartica and he has taken his passion for photography, wherever he travelled.
Address : - Visit Website
atlanta wedding photographer kevinvoth
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Harper Noel - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Harper Noel is Atlanta's premiere wedding & engagement photographer. Harper specializes in emotive modern lifestyle wedding portraiture and documentary style wedding photography. Harper Noel offers sessions throughout Georgia including Metro Atlanta and Savannah.
Phone No : 470.331.9557
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atlanta wedding photography
atlanta wedding photographyatlanta wedding photographer harpernoelatlanta wedding photographer harpernoelVisit Website


Sonya Yim - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Sonya Yim is a modern Atlanta wedding photographer, located outside of Atlanta, GA. They accept a limited amount of destination weddings in a year.They use a photojournalistic approach with modern day portraiture.They are experienced in providing beautiful photogrpahs which tells the story of the best day in a couple's life in a wonderful story.
Price Range : $450 - $5000


Fscott - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Scott Culberson is the man behind the FScott Photography. He follows the photojournalistic technique without any obtrusions to the couple. Most of his photographs dwell in the emotions of the people as he knows it's the most important day in one's life.
Address : - Visit Website
atlanta wedding photographer fscott
 atlanta wedding photography atlanta wedding photography
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shuttersweet - Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Shutter Sweet Photography is a company born out of a true love of romance, a passion for capturing the soulful exchanges in relationships, and the ability to create crisp, timeless, authentic images.From first look to first dance, there's no detail and no moment that is missed! They make you comfortable during the engagement session and learn what clicks for a couple, so they on the big day, the couple are at ease and don't feel the presence of the photographer.
Price Range : -
Phone No : 678-521-5068
Address : 1500 Southland Circle, Suite C,Atlanta, GA 30318
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atlanta wedding photographer shuttersweet
 atlanta wedding photographer shuttersweet atlanta wedding photography
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Jules Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Jules is a native Georgia,Atlanta girl. She has more than 7 years experience in photography.She loves to travel and explore new places. She found the love of photography on of her travel's to Europe. She had a 35mm camera and after 20+ rolls of film, she realised that photography was her passion. Visit Website >


Berry's Wedding Photography - Atlanta Wedding photographers

Kenneth W Berry has more than 19 years experience in wedding photography.He specializes in Atlanta Wedding Photography, Portrait Photography, and Event Photography. He is always prepared for destination weddings and this is one prompt wedding photographer, who is always dressed for the occasion. Visit Website >


Lindley's Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

If you are looking for a team of best Atlanta wedding photographers, then Lindley's photography is a husband and wife team, who are both passionate about what they do. Visit Website >


George Street Photo & Video - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

George street photo and video team are leading and certified photographers,photojournalists and videographers in Atlanta. The George Street team has shared inspiration with thousands of brides, helping them capture their vision just as they dreamed it. Serving the Atlanta metro area. Visit Website >


Todd Baugh Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Todd, Cassandra, and Alicia are the team behind Todd Baugh Photography and they love capturing beautiful wedding images. Visit Website >


Rick+Anna Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Rick and Anna are a husband and wife team, who possess a natural and timeless style. They love to bring out the romance of the couples on their special days. They love to travel and explore new places. Visit Website >


Jaimie Dee Photography - Atlanta wedding photographers

Jaimie Dee, the owner and lead wedding photographer for Jaimie Dee Photography, is one of Atlanta’s best creative directors when it comes to designing and capturing your big day. Offering all inclusive photography services, this studio specializes in creating true works of art offered through canvas, metal prints, and European designer wedding albums. Visit Website >


Mishaun Arrington Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Mishaun Arrington Photography produces fun loving, natural images with an original twist on the photojournalist style. Taking every couple step-by-step through some of the most exciting moments in life, Mishaun is able to capture the essence of love through her lens. Visit Website >


Christopher Helm Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Christopher Helm is among one of the best Atlanta wedding photographers in the business. Creating emotion filled images for unique couples is always the focus of his work. As one of the top wedding photographers in Atlanta, Chris takes his work seriously and personally. Visit Website >


Made You Look Photography - Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Made You Look Photography is made up of a group of top notch Atlanta wedding photographers who produce stunning creative one-of-a-kind images. This award-winning team specializes in wedding photography, videography, and graphic artistry. Visit Website >

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